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About Our Company


China-Connexions Sourcing Ltd is a professional sourcing company dedicated to connecting international buyers with suppliers in China.

China-Connexions Sourcing Ltd is a British owned company with agents based around China. It was founded on a simple promise: “Total Transparency.”

The vision of China-Connexions is to make buying from China as simple as possible and remove the headaches that often go with direct-factory services.

We clear up a lot of the questions that surround the purchasing process in China. We direct you through the process from beginning to end. We handle your order from sourcing the best factory for you, right up finding the best rated logistics firm to handle your shipment.

We believe that good communication is the cornerstone of a successful supply chain. It prevents delays related to simple misunderstandings.

We have an ever growing database of verified factories that have proven themselves to produce high quality products.

China-Connexions was born in 2014. It has grown from an idea to a fully operational business with personalized customer care at its heart since day one.



As a team,we specialise in sourcing, purchasing, quality inspections, translations and general inquiries you may have when dealing with the Chinese market.

With an ever-growing database of over 50,000 contacts, we promise to provide only the most trusted, high quality and verified suppliers with proven track records.

China-Connexions operates under a TOTAL TRANSPARENCY policy.



    We research extensively through connections, email and online to find the right factory to manufacture your product.


    When something seems too good to be true, it often is. We verify the factory to make sure everything is legitimate.


    Once the factory is verified, it's time to place the order directly to the factory.


    During production we are in constant communication with the factory to make sure they are on track for completing production on time.


    We have partnered with a number of shipping companies to offer you the best price available.


Verified Factories


Coffee meetings per month


Clients across the globe


What do you produce?

Technically, nothing. We are a services company facilitating International needs for Chinese products in a way that makes purchasing in China a lot more straightforward.

Does China-Connexions work for any factories?

Yes. We have collected a large pool of reliable factories that we represent as being the best that we have come across. We ask our clients to rate our service and factories that we work with. Poorly performing factories are noted and removed from our preferred list. This helps to maintain doing business with the ‘cream of the crop.’

Does China-Connexions have ownership of any factories or purely 3rd party?

We are a 3rd party company. The benefit of this is that we do not have any biast tendencies towards poor performing factories. We aim to ensure that customers are rarely unhappy with the products received from our partner factories.

If China-Connexions is an intermediary company, does that mean the price will be much higher?

The best thing is, it doesn’t. Through lasting business arrangements and strong negotiating, we are able to secure great prices for all of our overseas clients, even after taking into account our administration fees.

How much do our services cost?

We tailor make our services to meet your needs so the price will vary accordingly.