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Tired of misunderstandings with buying directly to factory services? is a 100% western owned company with a a workforce fluent in over 8 languages, including English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Hungarian.

As a former Buyer, I realise that breakdowns in communication is the number#1 cause for stress when purchasing from China.  With an International team, dedicated to Customer service, is rapidly gaining momentum and establishing itself as the ‘New Kid on the Block’.

Working on both sides of the Buyer-Supplier coin, agents at are equipped with a deeper  insight of the whole purchasing process.  This enables us to anticipate and understand the problems that may arise when buying from China.  Whether it be, finding the RIGHT factory for you, conveying ideas clearly, negotiating the price, arranging the best Incoterms for you, that’s where we come in to our element.

Allow to guide you through this next chapter of your business growth.  We are not in the business to ‘make a quick buck’, we are in this to make long-lasting relationships. operates under a TOTAL TRANSPARENCY policy.  We know how frustrating it can be to not get a straight answer.  Countless times as a Buyer, I was promised the World, and countless times there were complications, missed deadlines, requests for MORE money!  Problems that could have been avoided if only we had eyes on the ground.

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